JV Tourney Rules


JV Girls’ Basketball Tourney

Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016

Entry Fee:           per team

Girls' Teams:    Woodsville High School                                        

                          Lisbon High School                                                                        

                          Groveton High School                                                                     

                               Gorham High School                                                                           

Time:                     10:00 A.M. –  approx. 4:00 P.M.

Rules:                    Six (6) Ten Minute Games

                                                Regular Running Time; No Overtime

                                                3 Fouls per player, per game

                                                Bonus (1 and 1) after 4 Team Fouls per game; No Double Bonus

                                                1.5 Timeouts per game

                                                Points Given:  1 -  win

                                                                        1 -  bonus point if team scores over 10 points in game

                                                                        0 -  loss

                                                                       .5 -  tie

                                                Position at end of Six games based on total points; tie breaker being total scored in all six games combined.

                                Two (2) Ten Minute Quarterfinal Games

                                                1st place vs 4th  place

                                                2nd place vs 3rd  place

                                                Same rules apply – except no points given

                                                1 – 2 minute overtime*; after that, tie breaker determined by total team points

                                                scored in all games

                                One (1) Ten Minute Consolation Game

                                                3rd vs 4th place

                                                Same rules apply as in Quarterfinal Game


                                One (1) Ten Minute CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

                                                1st vs 2nd place

                                                Same Rules apply as in Quarterfinal/Consolation Games;

                                                Except, there will be 2 – 2 minute overtimes*, if necessary, and

                                                if there is still a tie…we will have a foul shot “shoot out”!

                *1 additional time out per team, per overtime period.

                There will be Certificates given to four (4) All Tourney and one (l) Most Valuable Player of the Tournament, as well as Tee-Shirts given to all players on the Winning Team.  All awards will be presented after the Championship game.

                We ask that you please limit your team roster to only those players who participate in PRIMARILY  JV games.  JV players that swing to Varsity and play primarily Varsity, should participate only if necessary.  All Teams are different school colors, therefore, all teams should wear their away uniforms.